DeeAWai Alloy steel S2 metric multicolor | 1.5 mm-10 mm hex wrench set

About this item

sufficiently sturdy for amateurs and professionals - DeeAWai's 9-piece Allen wrench set is made of S2 alloy steel for sturdy strength and rust resistance, non-oiled, solid and durable, not easily scratched or damaged, which is stronger than ordinary Cr-V steel or high-carbon steel, guaranteed a long service life. Equipped with 9 different sizes of Allen wrenches, meet all your daily DIY or business needs.

Multicolor design for better use - This nature-inspired tool set is painted in different shades of green. 1, The colorful coating makes it non-slip. Easy to understand and use. 2, Color-coded design, different colors for different sizes, help you distinguish their sizes better. 3, Looks better and more stylish than ordinary silver or black hex wrench sets.

Extra long 9-piece Allen wrench - With its long arm, our Allen wrench allows for greater extension and leverage, enabling you to apply more torque with ease and precision, allowing you to loosen stubborn fastener. In addition, this long arm can reach angles that others cannot.

Flat head and ball head - In addition, the Allen wrench set has different head shapes: flat head and ball head. Both heads can be used to repair the device. (The ball head design allows an entry angle of up to 30 degrees, making it easier to avoid obstacles.)