CALORIQUE Electric floor heating cable - 16W/m 2400W total heating cable (150m) for 12-24m² heating surface - TWIN technology - energy efficiency class A+++

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The best and cheapest alternative to hot water floor heating: traditional floor heaters have significant disadvantages: - Complicated installation and expensive material costs are required. - Heating time can take several hours until the room is warm. With the CALORIQUE heating cable, a modern energy-saving electric floor heater has been designed without having to buy these disadvantages.

Easy installation of electric floor heating: the heating cable can be placed very easily under tile floors. The heating cable must be connected to common thermostats. The thickness of the cable is only 3.5 mm, making it ideal for renovations/renovations in buildings. Installation instructions included (Italian language not guaranteed).

Premium quality and guaranteed reliability: CALORIQUE is a renowned manufacturer that has been successfully developing and producing heating systems based on advanced technology for many years. The CALORIQUE brand is synonymous with branded products of high quality and first-class workmanship.

Efficient and energy-saving heating: electric floor heating from CALORIQUE is the ideal solution for saving energy costs and effectively heating rooms. Electric floor heating can be used as the primary heating source in the room. In addition, the heating cable is maintenance-free.