Mophorn Manual Tile Cutter, Maximum Length of 800mm Professional Aluminum Tile Cutter to Cut All Types of Tiles, Including Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

About this item.

Regular Cut: super hard alloy wheel ensures smooth, precise and clean cuts. Maximum cutting length: 31.5"/800 mm. Minimum cutting length: 1.4"/35 mm. Cutting thickness: 0.24"-0.6"/6-15 mm. Upgraded sliding head ensures smoother cutting. In particular, we provide an extra one for free.

High Accuracy: the new infrared laser positioning function can effectively improve the accuracy of this porcelain tile cutter. And the rulers can continuously make fast cuts in different sizes.

Durable Construction: the frame of the manual tile cutter tool is made of heavy all-steel material, compact, durable and sturdy. The solid guide makes the cutting work more accurate and suitable for long-term use.

Thoughtful Design: the non-slip rubber handle is ergonomic and more comfortable to use, providing a better user experience. The lifting handle helps move the handle to match the moving roller, easy to carry.

Versatile Applications: porcelain tile cutter is ideal for cutting all kinds of tiles, including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, normal floor tiles and polished tiles. Widely used in multiple workshops and industrial sites.