S&R Mechanic's and Mason's Chisels Set. Set 3 cold flat hand chisels 16 x 170, 12 x 150, 10 x 140 mm.

About this item.

S&R SET OF 3 CHISELS FOR MECHANIC AND MASONER ➡️ Set of 3 chisels for mechanic and mason includes 3 cold flat hand chisels of various sizes: 16 x 170 mm, 12 x 150 mm and 10 x 140 mm, offering flexibility in machining operations.

SUITABLE FOR PROFESSIONALS ➡️ Specially designed to meet the needs of mechanics and masons, ensuring reliable and precise performance in the professional field.

STRONG MATERIAL ➡️ Forged and tempered chisels made of chrome vanadium steel. Hardness 52-58 HRC: Made from high-quality materials, these chisels offer optimum durability and strength, ensuring long life and lasting reliability.

VERSATILITY OF USE ➡️ Thanks to the variety of sizes, these chisels are suitable for a wide range of applications, allowing different materials to be worked on with excellent and consistent results.

SOLID AND RELIABLE CHISELS ➡️ ideal for digging tracks in concrete and stone Also suitable for cutting smoothing beveling materials such as screws nuts rivets iron cast iron brass aluminum bronze copper