AYKRM 21 couleur High Visibility Safety Safety Vest with pockets High visibility reflective work jacket Reflective vest with zipper

About this item.

  • ✔ 360° REFLECTIVITY:high visibility work vest fluo yellow dark blue orange blue pinke red purple is high visibility with two inch wide reflective strips along the waist, chest, shoulders and back that offer 360° protection to keep you standing out of the dark and easily detectable by a car's headlights whether you are running or working in low light conditions, both easy to find and take measures in advance.

  • ✔ High-visibility safety vest designed with 7 front pockets with zippered nylon button shell closure, 2 large pockets, 1 clear PVC ID badge holder, 1 flap pocket and 1 flashlight pouch, laser pointer. The 2 slanted pockets are more suitable for human body design and easier to place and take out. Reinforcing treatment of the zipper.

  • ✔ MATERIAL: 100% polyester high-visibility reflective material, lightweight and breathable, washable and durable. Black edges are not easy to soil and easier to match. Safety vest complies with EU CE TYPE B3 standard

  • ✔ INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Airport, baggage handling, construction, demolition, emergency, first responder,labor, landscaping, paving, police, railroad, sanitation, security, surveyor and TSA