check the package in front of the courier: a lesson not to forget

Because checking avoids unpleasant inconveniences.


3/2/20242 min read

check the parcel in front of the courier: a lesson learned at my expense


Today I will not talk about safety, equipment or guides, but about a topic that might seem trivial, but that can prove to be fundamental: check the package in front of the courier. I will tell you about my personal experience, which taught me an important lesson.

My misadventure

I was busy renovating a medical practice and my partner, an architect, was in charge of the orders. One day a ceramic sink arrived, an important element for the project. Unfortunately, both my partner and I were absent at the time of delivery, which was then carried out by some workers present on site.

When we finally could check the package, the bad surprise: the sink was completely broken at the top.

The consequences

We immediately contacted the supplier, explaining what happened. However, our request for withdrawal was rejected. In Poland, in fact, the law on withdrawal provides for a distinction between orders from private individuals and orders from companies. In our case, the order was made on behalf of the company and this precluded us from the right of withdrawal.

We therefore tried to involve the shipping company, but again without success. The courier argued that the delivery had taken place without problems and, without concrete evidence to support our grievances, the supplier refused to replace the damaged product.

Lesson learned

The consequence of this misadventure was bitter: we had to buy back the sink at our expense.

Tips to avoid unpleasant inconveniences

Here are some tips I learned the hard way:

Always check the package in front of the courier. If possible, open the package and verify the integrity of the contents before signing the delivery note.

If you cannot check the package in front of the courier, make a video while you open it. This way you will have a proof in case of damage.

Pay attention to the withdrawal laws of the country where you make the purchase. In some cases, as in mine, the conditions for withdrawal may vary depending on whether the order was made by a private individual or a company.


I hope that my experience will serve as a lesson to you. Checking the package in front of the courier is a simple measure that can avoid unpleasant inconveniences and unnecessary expenses.